Burn it off D.C. Love, Melissa “Xtend Barre @FuelPilates”

Melissa Murphy

The Bare Naked Critic will show you how to put on the pounds, but Melissa reports on the best ways around Washington to take them off.


Xtend Barre @FuelPilates in Georgetown

Difficulty: Easy, Tough, Killer (Definitely toggles between tough and killer!)

Where: Fuel Pilates in Georgetown 3214 O Street, NW

What: The Xtend Barre is a total body workout using a ballet barre, hand weights, a rubber ball and mat exercises. The Xtend Barre system challenges and sculpts all body parts. (See video. Not from Fuel Pilates.)

Melissa’s Burn: Xtend starts with 10 to 15 agonizing minutes of nonstop upper body exercises conducted holding one pound weights with what feels like zero moments of rest. The class then migrates to exercises at the barre with heels lifted and knees bent- Here I really began to feel the strain of muscles within muscles shaking violently. Next there’s the fold over series where I gently rest my arms on the bar, bend at the waist and perform a series of exercises with one leg stretched into the air behind me, meant to strengthen and tone my glutes. I find it confounding that my standing leg, bent ever so slightly, most wants to buckle with exhaustion. Finally, along with a series of pushups and triceps dips tucked neatly into the class, we end with a short series of abdominal exercises and a few planks for good measure.

Overall, the workout is challenging and at times briefly excruciating. I keep coming back because the class is continually changing and always tough. Most of the time I attend class in the early evening and nearly every class is full which means space at the barre is tight.

Why do it?

  • Become longer and leaner
  • Develop stronger abs and back muscles
  • Lift your derrière
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved posture

Who was there: I’ve only seen females take this class and it’s a good mix of ages.

When: Class schedule

Cost: For a single class the rate is $20; packages of 10 or 20 classes offer a better deal. Additional information here.

Who is Melissa Murphy?

I am an active DC professional seeking to be my fittest self. I run marathons, bicycle and weight train. Juggling a career, a relationship and a hectic social life like many Washingtonians, exercise can sometimes be put on the backburner. Luckily, I’m here to help you find an exercise regimen that works for you.

Want to burn it with Mel? Email melissamurphy99@yahoo.com


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  1. What a fantastic concept, I love it! Melissa, you look amazing and I want to look like you when I grow up 🙂

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