Eat me Eataly. Come to D.C.


Photo by Daniel Krieger

Oy, the agony of rumors. I’m a total prosciutt, too. But I have so many ideas,  I burst at the seams.

Oh Eataly, how can I tempt thee to D.C. ? And most importantly, where would you go?

Eater DC lists the D.C. area contenders.

Honestly, I vote the tiny mall behind Kinkead’s (Penn and 20th?) which wasn’t even mentioned in Eater’s list. D.C.’s Eataly will have to be designed to perfection to fit the supply and demand of our closely knit community. I’m sure they have a great team guiding them to the right decision for the brand ??

It needs to be done right and it needs to be downtown.

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2 Responses to Eat me Eataly. Come to D.C.

  1. Dianars08 says:

    I loved Eataly when I went there in New York. The different restaurants, the stores, everything made me think of Italy and of course DELICIOUS FOOD. I completely agree as well that the perfect place for it to be would be Penn and 20th. It is such an amazing location that no one is really taking advantage of. fingers crossed!

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