Burn it off D.C. Love, Melissa “Free Yoga @lululemon”

Burn it off D.C. Love, Melissa xx

The Bare Naked Critic will show you how to put on the pounds, but Melissa reports on the best ways around Washington to take them off.


Free Yoga @lululemon in Georgetown

Difficulty: Easy, Tough, Killer (more easy than tough, but there were tough moments)

Where: Lululemon Georgetown at 3265 M Street, NW

What:  Featured instructors teach a free class every Sunday at 12pm (noon) at the Georgetown Lululemon store in a studio upstairs.

Melissa’s Burn: The class I attended was taught by an instructor from Dupont’s new Epic Yoga. I’m not a yoga aficionado but Burn it of D.C. is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things to look your best! I opted for Vinyasa yoga which centers on movement through a series of poses coupled with loud breathing. The main pose is downward dog and we flowed through that position often.  We were instructed to “do our vinyasa” throughout the class and the three main components were the plank, chaturanga (essentially a push-up) and the cobra/upward facing dog. The instructor moved around the class offering gentle corrections on form and posture.  Because I’m a newbie to yoga and more used to the sound of my sneakers on pavement, I would say the different poses ranged from easy to semi difficult. Vinyasa seems like a great middle way for new comers to yoga to get oriented. Even though yoga may not be my “go-to” for burning calories, I must admit my mood elevated for the remainder of the day.  Breathe.

Who was there: 40+ people at the class I attended; the manager tells me it’s often 70 or so students.  A mix of ages;  about 15% male students

Why do it:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Strengthening and elongation of muscles
  • General sense of well being

When: 12pm (noon) every Sunday.

For information about the Georgetown Lululemon’s complimentary classes in its spacious studio, click here.

Cost: Free (that is, if you can stop yourself from shopping in the store after class)

BTW Epic Yoga is opening this month and is located near Dupont Circle.  For information on classes, location, price and more, check out:  http://epicyogadc.com/

Who is Melissa Murphy?

I am an active DC professional seeking to be my fittest self. I run marathons, bicycle and weight train. Juggling a career, a relationship and a hectic social life like many Washingtonians, exercise can sometimes be put on the backburner. Luckily, I’m here to help you find an exercise regimen that works for you.

Want to burn it with Mel? Email melissamurphy99@yahoo.com

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  1. Erin says:

    Sounds like so much fun! Can’t wait to try it.

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